People have so many different choices when it comes to a particular diet or lifestyle that often the term vegan is misunderstood. In order to fully understand veganism, you first need to grasp the reality that animals are used for more than just meat, they are in our clothes, preservatives, cosmetics, vehicles, furniture, and many other household products. The vegan lifestyle recognizes the vastness of animal suffering for many of our daily commodities; this is what is what it means to be vegan.

The biggest confusion lies between what separates a vegetarian from vegan as they are often viewed as the same thing. Vegetarians do not eat apparent meat products, so it is much simpler to be a vegetarian as meat is easy to spot.  Many people believe that vegetarians do not eat dairy products and other similar foods.  This is one of the major differences between vegan and vegetarians.  People who are true vegans do not eat any animal-related products, they do not encourage the use of animals for entertainment, and they also do not wear any animal related products.  This would include items such as milk, yogurt, butter, eggs, leather clothing, and anything that takes advantage of animals like livestock on factory farming or performers for a show.

factory farm

On the other hand, those who are vegetarian will consume animal-related products such as eggs, milk, dairy, yogurt and other similar foods that do not particular cause the animals’ lives to be in danger. However, animals are still suffering and dying in the name of any animal-products, whether its meat or not meat.

In order to really determine which type of lifestyle is best for you and your family, you would need to first consider your typical eating habits.  Many people discover that vegan is something that is far too strict for them to abide by on a normal basis and instead opt for a vegetarian lifestyle instead. You may also start as a vegetarian and slowly process into a vegan. This is the easiest way to become vegan; take your time and become accustomed to it and it will be much more comfortable.

Switching to a vegan lifestyle is not always easy, especially when you try to transition all at once.  Proper research into food alternatives like alternative milks, nut cheeses, and egg substitutes is needed. Also, while there are many new companies who produce vegan frozen foods, many fruits and vegetables simply do not taste the same once they have been frozen. This means more frequent grocery shopping to get ingredients and more meal planning time. This may sound like a problem, but buying fresh food and knowing what is in your food really makes you an overall health conscience person.

For instance, you can acquire a green thumb while saving time and starting a new hobby. An organic garden is perfect for new vegans or vegetarians to explore more produce options. You will be amazed by how much a small garden can feed an entire family and then some. It also keeps it low maintenance. A potted garden on a deck or balcony can also provide enough food to be well worth the effort.

By making some small steps and changes to your lifestyle you might find that working on a vegetarian lifestyle is much easier for you to handle initially.  This can make a great starting point when you are working to move to a healthier vegan lifestyle for your entire family. Knowing all of the differences between vegetarianism and veganism is very important when you want to use it as a progressive track toward improving your health.  It can be a wonderful journey working to improve your health as much as possible as long as you take the time to really know your options and long-term goals.  A healthy lifestyle is available, even if you are not fully ready to convert to an entirely vegan way of life right away.



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