There is a big myth that plant-based meals cannot provide you with enough protein unlike your meat-eating counterpart. This leads everyone to believe that vegans are weak and cannot gain muscle. I will bust the myth using a weekly exercise plan that proves vegans can eat morally while getting strong.

Three important strategies to gain more muscle

  1. Lift heavy weights at low repetition
  2. Eat at least every 3 hours to replenish your tissues
  3. Be consistent. Make a plan and stick to it for results

This workout routine will cover all your body parts. You use this this workout plan for 6-week duration, switching your exercises in between, to shock your muscles and increase their size essays for sale.

Wednesday- Off day

Friday- Off day

Sunday- Off day

Notes: Take 60 second to 90 seconds rest in between workouts each day to rest and sip water.

You can switch workouts every 6 weeks to shock your muscles. Studies have shown changing your physical routine can limit your muscles’ adaption to the same movements. New exercises can help them grow faster by working different parts of the muscles in various exercises.

Consume high protein foods like peanut butter, soybeans, quinoa and broccoli. Do not consume more than 1 to 1.5 per grams of protein daily on your body weight. Drink plenty of water while on a high-protein diet.



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